Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Writing has Changed

To all my readers who started reading when I first began posting this story and are very confused as to what happened to the story that was there before?  Well I had a change in perspective in how I wanted the story written.  As I have continued to grow as a writer and I felt the need to change how the story was told. I felt a multitude of first person perspectives would not do the story justice.  I found it easier to write in first person, so I chose to.  Though looking back I see that by doing so I was not telling the story how I really wanted and intended.  My first short story version was an omniscient narration so the final draft will be the same.

I also felt rushed to put out more chapters as I began to have more followers.  The story was not being as well thought out as it should have been.  I am now taking the time to process all the information correctly and make sure there are no holes in the story or any type of negative confusion.

Keep in mind as well, parts of the story have changed.  Nothing key of course, we still have all the characters maybe a few more added as well.  Specific main events still take place, though it is more of the "fill-in" details that will be replaced or moved.  I've also begun adding more detail to the story, I want the readers to see as much of the world and history as I do.  Larterra is such an amazingly place and I want to share it the best way I can seeing I have no drawing abilities whatsoever.

I do still have copies of the chapters previously posted for the faithful readers who were there since the beginning.  (I know it wasn't long ago but it's still nice to have people who were interested enough to want me to write more)  I really appreciate that people even liked the story when I was not telling it well.  I thank all those who have given support and constructive criticism.  Every one's comments and thoughts also helped my writing.  It's awesome hearing from the readers while you're writing the story, keep that in mind.  You guys play a big part in the creation of this story and I take so much from the input you give so please feel free to comment to your heart's desire.

Thanks for Reading


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